CSD Spring Convention - Wichita, KS

Friday Quartet Semi-Finals - 4/21/17 3:00pm - Starting bid = $40
Saturday Chorus Contest - 4/22/17 10:00am - Starting bid = $40
Saturday Quartet Finals - 4/22/17 7:00pm - Starting bid = $40

Bidding ends 4/14/17 Noon CT ()

Bid on a seat in the judging “pit” and have the Best Seat In The House for (1) Friday Quartet Semi-Finals and evals; (2) Saturday Chorus Finals and evals; and/or (3) Saturday Night Quartet Finals and evals. Proceeds go to HARMONY FOUNDATION. NOTE: You still need to purchase a convention all-events registration! Via this program you are only bidding on a seat in the judging area and a “backstage pass” to mingle with the judges and observe them in action at the evaluations.

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